Work with Jason

Work with Jason

Speaking and Training

Executive teams, sales leaders and organizations bring in Jason to inspire and equip sales teams, sales managers, M&A teams and VC Leaders.


Everyone you meet asks three questions about you:

• Are you committed to excellence?

• Can I trust you?

• Do you care? - Lou Holtz

Let me answer those questions for you and help you answer those questions for others who depend upon you.

Executive Recruiters

Help your candidates stick by ensuring your MedTech partner is offering World Class New Hire Sales and Clinical Training.

MedTech Start-Up Executives

Jason and the Elite Executive framework provides World-Class MedTech Sales Training specializing in disruptive technologies and product launch tactics and strategies.

Elite Execution Book

Disciplines & Insights for Extraordinary Salespeople

Elite Execution: Disciplines & Insights for Extraordinary Salespeople was written for experienced professionals.

Jason shares practical action items and insightful concepts that have been compiled and tested during a sales career that spanned the globe, from B2B to Med Device, and resulted in the top performance and accolades.

On-Demand Virtual Course

Jason Elmore shares practical action items and insightful concepts that have been compiled and tested during a sales career that spanned the globe, from B2B to Med Device, and resulted in top performance and accolades.

Specials Offers

Take your sales performance to the next level with a 1-on-1 LIVE personal coaching session with Jason to discuss your individual situation.

3 Steps to Success

Schedule a Conversation

Uncover areas of opportunity.

Partner on your Design

Develop your solution and overcome your challenges.

Lead Your Business

Deliver your solutions and analyze your success.

Key Benefits of the Elite Execution Framework

Insights that are easy to apply

Training Tactics that fit seamlessly with your sales process

Training that transfers to the field level activities

Provocative content and intriguing insights

Sales training by decorated, credible, respected sales professionals

Customizable content modules for easy selection and implementation

Professional (def) n: everyone can tell you what happened.  A Professional can tell you

why. Because they understand it so well they can manipulate it, repeat it, and articulate it making their success transferable to others.  Their insight is valuable and it is the basis for their success.  The goal of every salesperson is to become a Professional. 

Accidental success in sales is destructive.  Other people in the organization will attempt to duplicate it with disastrous results to the organization for failure to understand why it worked and properly apply it to other situations with other personalities involved.  A lot of time and money and careers will be wasted and lost on efforts in wrong directions for lack of insight and understanding.

Selling success that cannot be clearly articulated is an illusion.  The actual potential was never maximized and the heights that were reached could not be maintained.  Even deep insights are rarely crafted into actionable items and mantras that help individuals and organizations build disciplines that sustain success and create what I call Elite Execution.

Jason Elmore

Elite Execution Sales Consulting

Founder and Author

Make your product disruptive tech acquisition more successful by training your salesforce to target customers correctly.

Breadth of sales experience and expertise from Recruiting to New Hire Training, Advance Training to Performance Management, Workshops to National Sales Meetings.  We can help!